Lexus Tech Safety Features for 2020

January 28th, 2020 by

Few industries have changed as drastically and as swiftly as the auto industry. Today, we are living in an age where cars drive themselves and one day may need zero human involvement to operate. The auto world has changed, and part of that change includes a strengthened focus on creating smarter, safer vehicles.

Lexus’ ultimate vision is to create an accident-free world, which is why all of their 2020 Lexus vehicles come standard with Lexus Safety System+. Lexus Safety System+ is a comprehensive suite of active safety features designed to help you, your passengers, and all others on the road enjoy a safer driving environment.

Today, let’s take a look at the different features of Lexus Safety System+ and see how Lexus is actively working to protect you.

Pre-Collision System

Using radar and cameras this system is engineered to detect vehicles or pedestrians in your path. If it detects a potential frontal collision, then it will automatically apply the proper amount of braking force to slow down your vehicle so you avoid collision; in some instances, it will automatically bring your vehicle to a complete stop.

Lane Assistance

This system includes two primary features — Lane Departure Alert and Lane Keep Assist. Both features provide audible alerts if you inadvertently depart from your lane and when combined with a third feature — Steering Assist — it can help guide you back into your lane. Additionally, when combined with your Lexus cruise-control system, Lane Keep Assist can help prevent lane-drifting before it occurs.

Intelligent High-Beams

These high-beams clearly illuminate the path ahead to help keep you focused on the road and drive with confidence. What’s great about them is they default to high-beam mode when the road is clear but automatically switch to low-beam mode when they detect the headlights or taillights of a car ahead. This way you do not interfere with another driver’s vision while driving at night.

Dynamic Radar Cruise Control

Using radar and camera technology this feature allows you to maintain a consistent speed and safe distance between your vehicle and the car ahead. If your vehicle gets closer than the preset distance, then your Lexus will automatically reduce its throttle to maintain a safe driving distance. Then, when the road ahead is clear, your Lexus will resume its preset speed and safe driving distance. 

All-Speed Dynamic Radar Cruise Control, found on Lexus models with Lexus Safety System+ and Lexus Safety System+ 2.0, allows you to use this cruise control functionality even when driving in stop-and-go traffic.

Road Sign Assist

Exclusively available on Lexus Safety System+ 2.0, a more advanced Lexus Safety System that includes additional safety features, Road Sign Assist uses cameras to read the road signs and then display them on your instrument panel. It will display such information as speed limit and notify you of Do Not Enter, Yield, or Stop signs.

Technology has certainly accelerated this new automotive age and with it there is a lot to learn. If you have any questions about the safety features found in the 2020 Lexus models, or are curious about the safety features specific to your Lexus, please call or stop by our Coliseum Lexus of Oakland Lexus dealership. We’d be happy to take the time and explain each safety feature and how you can use them to create a safer, smarter driving environment for everyone on the road. 

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