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When out on the road, Lexus drivers enjoy a high-standard of luxury and the latest technologies. For many, these luxurious details and cutting-edge technologies are why they choose Lexus, because in a Lexus they’ll be treated like royalty. But, what happens when you don’t know how to use all the technologies available in your Lexus? To make sure new Lexus customers understand how to use the technologies that surround them, we put together helpful how-to video tutorials. 

In this episode, Coliseum Lexus of Oakland’s guest relations manager Tia Washington and associate Ly Nguyen, review how to use the Lexus Navigation system in the Lexus RX 350 and how to use Lexus Voice Command to access the Lexus Navigation system.

What is the Lexus Navigation system?

The Lexus Navigation system is one of the most technologically advanced vehicle accessories in your Lexus. It provides you with a visual map and audio instructions that direct you to your destination safely and efficiently.

How do you set a destination in Lexus Navigation?

  1. Using the mousepad in the middle of your console, navigate on the touchscreen to Destination > Address.
  2. Set your state by selecting it from the Change State/Province button. An alphabetical list of all US states will appear. Choose the state that applies to you. You also have the option of typing in the state, as well as switching your location to Canada or Mexico.
  3. Next, select the City button and type in your destination city by using the mousepad to navigate the onscreen keyboard. 
  4. Once you input the City, the Street Name prompt will automatically appear. Again, using the mousepad to navigate the onscreen keyboard, type in your destination address. 
  5. Hit go and the system will calculate the route. 
  6. To stop the navigation, select the “Delete Destination” button.

What is Lexus Voice command?

Lexus Voice Command gives drivers the ability to access audio/visual and hands-free systems simply by tapping a button on their steering wheel and speaking.

How do you use Lexus Voice command?

  1. On the left side of your steering wheel, tap the Voice Command button (the button with the talking face icon).
  2. Once the button is tapped, a list of categories will appear on your touchscreen as prompts you can say to get the information you want. Popular Voice Command categories include: Navigation, Music, Phone, and Radio.
  3. Say your command.
  4. To cancel or turn off Voice Command, tap and hold the Voice Command button for three seconds. 

How do you use Lexus Voice Command to access Lexus Navigation?

  1. Press the Voice Command button
  2. When the system says, “Please say a category name” state your command. For example, if you wanted to go to Costco, then you could say, “Find Costco.” Then your Navigation System will put together a list of all the Costco stores in the area. 
  3. A numerical list of options will appear on the screen. Say the number that corresponds to the Costco you want to go to. For example, if the Costco you frequent is the first Costco on the list, then you would say, “Number one.”
  4. The system will then pull up the address and ask you to confirm that the location is correct. If it is, then say, “Yes.”
  5. The system will then ask if you’d like to go directly to your destination or add it to your existing route. State your preference. 
  6. Once the route populates, use the mousepad to start your journey. You can even edit your journey using the mousepad once the route populates on screen

What other features are available on Lexus Navigation?

  1. Emergency Services. Using the mousepad, scroll to Destination > More > Emergency. Here you’ll find a list of nearby emergency services, such as police and fire stations, and local hospitals. 
  2. Pinpoint Destination. In the event you get lost or are looking for an area that doesn’t have an exact address, you can use the mousepad to pinpoint your destination. All you have to do is scroll with the mousepad to your desired destination and click, the Navigation System will automatically calculate the best route even without inputting an exact address. 

We hope you found this information helpful. If you have any additional questions about how to use the features noted above or would like to know how to use any of the other features available in the Lexus RX 350 or any other Lexus model, then gives us a call or stop by our Oakland California Lexus dealership. At Coliseum Lexus we want you to get the most out of your driving experience.

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